Registering your child for Kindergarten 2017

                   Children who were born in 2013, turning 4 years old by the end of this year are
eligible for 
enrolment in Junior Kindergarten for September 2017.

Children who were born in 2012, turning 5 years old by the end of this year and are not currently
enrolled in a TDSB school  are 
eligible for enrolment in Senior Kindergarten for September 2017.

 Registration will take place on:

Monday February 6th 9:15 a.m. – 3:50 p.m. & Tuesday February 7th 9:15 a.m. – 3:50 p.m..

by appointment only.   Please call the office at 416-393-1682 to set up an appointment.

Please bring the following information with you at registration:

  1. Proof of age (a birth certificate or baptismal record or passport)

  2. Proof of address (two pieces of identification that show your address, such as your utility bill, bank statement, income tax form, rental or lease agreement)

  3. Immunization (folder that shows a list of needles your child has received)

  4. Health Card