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Ecole Allenby Junior Public School

Greetings to our Allenby families. 

Summer is almost coming to an end, which means that everyone is getting ready for the first day of school.  Although the outside does not look quite as we had planned for September, the inside of the school will be ready for all of those smiling faces that we expect to greet on Tuesday, September 2nd.  All staff have worked diligently to clean and organize the school throughout the construction project.

Classroom lists for grades 1 through to grade 6 will be posted on the school website by 4:00 pm on Thursday, August 28th and hard copies will also be posted on the windows of the lunch room.  Students will be identified by the last 6 digits of the OEN (Ontario Education Number) which appears on each child's Ontario Report Card.

On the first morning of school, classroom numbers will be set up along the fencing inside the school yard so that students will know where to line up when the entry bell rings at 8:55 AM.   We ask that all parents and guardians remain in the school yard and not come up to the upper level unless they are coming into the office.  The lunch period is the same as last year, 11:45 AM  - 12:45 PM with a 5 minute entry period, and dismissal is at 3:35 PM.  For safety reasons,  parents and guardians are to remain in the school yard for pick up and drop off times, and not come up the steps to the upper level.

Full Day Kindergarten (FDK) classes will begin 15 minutes later than the rest of the school, and entry wil be at 9:10 AM at the designated entrance as noted in the Kindergarten Handbook. FDK dismissal will be at 3:20 PM, again at the designated entrances, which is 15 minutes earlier than the dismissal time for grades 1 through to grade 6 students.  Once parents/guardians pick up kindergarten students, they are expected to go down to the school yard to wait for older students.  The teachers of the grade 1 students will need all of the upper level to safely line up their students before dismissing them to parents/guardians.

Thank you in advance for helping us to provide a safe environment for our students during drop off and pick up times.

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FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL Tuesday, September 2

CURRICULUM NIGHT    Thursday, September 18

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