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Welcome to the 2016-17 School Year at Allenby!

Only four more days of summer! I hope that everyone enjoyed a relaxing yet fun-filled summer vacation and I look forward to reconnecting with students and families over the next few weeks. The school has been abuzz this week with teachers coming in to prepare their classrooms for the upcoming year. It has been wonderful hearing and sharing the excitement for the new school year and how they are already implementing our focus on 21st century learning into their classroom set-up and curriculum planning.

I would like to share a few items pertinent to the first day of school:


Teachers will be in the yard beginning at 8:35am on the first day of school along with myself and our new vice principal, Bev Purchase. Grade 1 to 6 classes will be grouped by grade and there will be signs along the school yard fence to assist students to finding their teacher. Kindergarten teachers will be in the kindergarten yard. Additionally all teachers will be wearing name tags. Office staff and specialty teachers will have master lists for any student who does not remember their teacher's name. Parents are asked to say goodbye to their children in the yard and the teachers will bring their classes into the building.


As mentioned in the spring, the school bells will ring five minutes earlier this year allowing students ten minutes to enter the building and get to their classrooms, ensuring that the instructional day begins on time. For grade 1 to 6 students, the morning bell will ring at 8:50 am. Lunch hour remains the same from 11:45 am to 12:50 pm and dismissal is at 3:35 pm.

For our FDK classes, the morning entry will begin at 9:05. Lunch is the same time as our primary/junior school and dismissal is at 3:20 pm. Last year I had many conversations with kindergarten parents about accessing the kindergarten yard previous to 9:05 am understanding that there is a fifteen minute window between our bells (something that we can not accommodate given that our kindergarten classes do not have morning and afternoon recess). This year, after meeting with the Allenby Daycare, please note that parents and children are welcome to access the kindergarten yard at 8:50 am. Daycare students and staff will be in the yard as well. Parents must remain with their children in the yard until 9:05 am when the kindergarten teachers begin their supervision duty and will "check students in." 


Student information packages will be sent home with students on the second day of school. A few items I want to bring to your attention (although they are also mentioned on the cover letter):

1. Please do not send $6 payment for agendas. We are going to be a cashless school (online payments for field trips, agendas, etc.) this year and we will collect payment once the system is set up this Fall.

2. No longer will you need to fill in all of your contact information…YEAH! This year you will receive a copy of the information we have on file and will simply make corrections, if needed. If everything is correct please mark a checkmark and still return it to us.

3. All students that we have on file (from registration) with medical concerns will receive medical information form to be completed along with the information package. If you do not receive one it means that we are not aware of the concern so please call the office asap.

4. All of this information we are collecting relates to the safety and well-being of your children so please ensure this paperwork is returned by the deadline outlined. Thank you.

Looking forward to another great year at Allenby…the best year yet!

Tracey O'Toole, Principal


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