ALPHA II Alternative School

Alpha II Alternative School is a student-directed TDSB grade 7-12 Senior and Secondary School where students take responsibility for their own learning, and are accountable for what they do. Our approach to education is modeled after the free-schooling philosophy, where self-directed learning and responsibility to community based on consensus are equal foundational pillars. We are one of the very few public free-schools in Canada so far, but global trends and contemporary education research point to self-directed free-schooling as the future of education.

Each Alpha II student self-directs their own personalised curriculum. Students decide what they will learn, when, for how long, and with which materials. Teachers act as facilitators and guides to support the students on their learning journey.

There are no tests or grades, and as a result we do not grant credits and do not issue an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). Students, in consultation with teachers and other community members, define their personal goals for education in creating portfolios of work that is meaningful to them. These portfolios document goals and achievements, clearly revealing each student's growth as a learner and community member. These portfolios enable our graduates to pursue their choice of career or post-secondary education.

It's all about choice in education--choice that you (and your parents) have been asking for, to best respond to personal learning goals. Since 2007, the Toronto District School Board has answered this request based on the successful philosophy first initiated in 1972 at ALPHA Alternative Elementary School, our sister school.

We encourage all individuals who are interested in free-schooling, self-directing their learning and being part of a community based on consensus to apply to our school. Our aim is to support you to be successful in your areas of passion while at school, and give you the tools to succeed once you leave our secondary program.