Alpha II - Education That is About You

At Alpha II, learning is always self-directed. You determine how to engage with learning through self-selected learning activities. You are the central actor, demonstrating your knowledge in meeting your expectations for yourself.

To help set the stage for your learning, Alpha II encourages a sense of community with many opportunities to work on your own or with a group. You work and learn in mixed age arrangements, often collaboratively as well as individually. Students instruct and mentor each other with the guidance of teachers and other adults in the community. Many activities--often arranged by the students themselves--will involve the entire school community.

At Alpha II, participating in the community is an important aspect of your learning experience as a student, and together the community of students reaches out to the larger world through activities and initiatives.

Alpha II is a great place to introduce yourself to the world. We are located in an area with exceptional opportunities - in one of the most diverse neighbourhoods in downtown Toronto. We have easy access to the subway, a large shopping mall, a unique & popular community park, a branch of the Toronto Public Library, two playing fields, two tennis courts and a basketball court.