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Co-op Options

After-school Co-op
(paid or volunteer work)

1 credit (minimum 110 hours per semester) OR 2 credits
(minimum 220 hours per semester).
No more than 220 hours per semester may be used for credit. Hours used for Co-op credit in must be limited to times when teacher is available to monitor students (late afternoon-early evening).
Some weekend hours may be used for credit if the Co-op teacher is willing and able to monitor students at that time.

Afternoon Co-op
(paid or volunteer work)

Periods C & D
Quad 1 and/or Quad 2 and/or Quad 3 and/or Quad 4
Approximately 3 credit hours daily
110 hours per quad = 1 credit per quad
No half-credits available in Co-op.

Special Co-op

Special Co-op timetables (e.g., morning, full-day, etc) may be possible for limited number of students. Pre-requisites: successful completion of at least one semester at Contact School and recommendation from Guidance teacher; and/or permission from Vice-principal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my part-time job for Co-op?

Yes, you can use up to three hours per day from your job and, possibly, more hours on the weekend. However, your job site must be inspected and approved by the Co-op teacher and you must do all the paperwork and assignments as part of the Co-op course.

Will the Co-op teacher help me find a job?

Yes, you will be given help developing skills and accessing resources for finding work. But finding a job is ultimately up to you.

Can the Co-op teacher help find a volunteer placement for me?

Yes, but you will be expected to take an active role in the process. Be prepared to spend some time finding your placement.