Poetry @ Contact

Love is like a dive off a cliff

Friendships dissolve like salt in water

Family is like love you never experienced

Sex is like whipped cream you can never get enough

Black is like the colour of the night sky

White is the colour of chalk on a board

Death can find you in unexpected places

- Christa

The Simple Life

Oh my god, I need to get thinner

My waist is still bigger than my pinky finger

Thinner, Thinner I say

As my plastic surgeon works away

Ohh that’s HOT!!

I exclaim with glee

As I sit there and giggle as Tinkerbelle pees

Daddies so Rich

I can never do wrong

I can buy all my friends

And that cute pink thong

Too bad for Orphans

I just don’t have time

I need to fly to Paris

To see the new Gucci line

Screw the Simple Life

I’ve got it made

I’m a Hollywood Star

And I like it that way

- Derek