Contact Alternative School Statement of Mission and Values

  • To give students (16 years or older) who have felt disengaged or disenfranchised – either by their experience of schooling or by their life experiences – a chance to re-connect with a school community and to achieve academic success
  • To provide a 'safe place' for learning which is inclusive and welcoming
  • To teach and practise social justice, both formally and informally, as the primary and fundamental value of our school community

As a community of learners within the Toronto District School Board, we value and commit ourselves to:
  • Building a culture that recognizes and celebrates the worth, creativity and contribution
  • of every person
  • Creating an environment that is welcoming, safe and relaxed, but also structured enough to maximize opportunities for learning
  • Ensuring that individuals or groups are not prejudged or stereotyped, and that respect
  • is shown to every person
  • Offering instruction that is multi-levelled, individualized, and that recognizes and encourages different learning styles
  • Providing strong personal support (including a daily nutrition program) so that our students may achieve their full potential
  • Offering broad opportunities for experiential education (including the opportunity to earn co-operative education credits in a variety of ways during or outside of school time)
  • Taking responsibility for our own behaviour: respecting the point-of-view and feelings of others; caring for the school environment; resolving conflict through respectful dialogue
  • Working together to sustain and enrich the overall program of the school
Those who wish to be part of the Contact School Community must indicate, in writing, their willingness to commit themselves to the values of the school. Students who – after a period of time – are not making progress in terms of the school’s mission, will be assisted in finding another school or program that may better meet their needs.