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New STOP Sign !!! March 8th 2018

Special Letter to Parents February 28th 2018



The latest....

After the parent council meeting  on January 9th, we received a confirmation from Mr. Karygiannis, our city councillor on January 23rd  concerning the traffic around school:


  1. A 3-way STOP sign will be installed in mid-March on the south intersection of Fundy Bay and Seagrave Crescent, so that students can cross the road and arrive school safely.
  2. Parking in front of school during school hours will be reduced to 10 minutes.

math contestantsWe Love Math……..

Our students love math not just inside the classroom but also at lunch time….

As a tradition, we extend our learning outside the instructional hours by participating in various worldwide online math contests throughout the year. The first series of contests we participated in is the Caribou Mathematics Competition organized by Brock University. We are proud to share the result here:

Kevin Y. (Gr.8) came 1st in the world (8799 participants)

Eric L. (Gr.6) ranked 4th in the world (8377 participants)

Jessica P. (Gr.3), being her first year in such contests, is placed in the 4th percentile (5820 participants)

Big congratulations to all who participated with pride in these contests!


David Lewis P.S. is off to a great start with 25 educators from Denmark visiting us ......

Group photo of 25 educators visiting from Denmark


More to come in our school news letter.

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