Pathways and Course Offerings


For pathways in Mathematics, English, and Science visit the TDSB Pathways Diagram


Course Offerings

For DMCI course offering please visit the appropriate grade link below.

2017-2018 Grade 9 Course Offerings
2017-2018 Grade 10 Course Offerings
2017-2018 Grade 11 Course Offerings
2017-2018 Grade 12 Course Offerings


Course Selection

On Tuesday, February 20, 2018 all students in all grades will  have the opportunity to learn about the course selection process for the upcoming year. Parents and guardians will also able to participate in the process, visiting our course marketplace, talking with teachers and helping their student start to do their My Blueprint planning. Course selection will be due to home form teachers March 1, 2018 with a printout form signed by the parent / guardian.

Parents of Graduating Students - While some of your children may need to return to our school or move beyond Don Mills CI to pursue additional courses, the information session presented to Grade 12 students includes facts about final marks, deadlines and scholarship and financial aid opportunities as they anticipate post-secondary offers. It's important to note that a 100% completion of the IPP portion of My Blueprint makes students eligible for some local scholarships and bursaries.

Please feel free to contact your child’s alpha counselor so that we can meet to discuss the best possible pathway for their successful futures.


Ryan Gibson – Alpha A – I

Paul Stoitsiadis – Alpha J – R

Patricia Davies – Alpha S – T 

Rory Stretch - Alpha U - Z + International Students