Parenting and Family Literacy Centres

Parenting and Family Literacy Centres are free, school-based programs for parents and caregivers with children from birth to age six. These fun, play-based programs are designed to support your child’s early learning and development and are aligned with the Kindergarten program. They offer a safe, nurturing and stimulating program where children can play and parents can connect.

There are 78 centres located in elementary schools across Toronto. These centres provide opportunities for:

■ Development of social, emotional, physical, cognitive and language skills
■ Building positive connections with your local school
■ Participation in a family literacy program that helps children develop and build essential literacy and numeracy skills
■ Discussing parenting concerns
■ Borrowing books from multi-lingual libraries

Children with special needs are welcome at all Parenting and Family Literacy Centres.

Parents and caregivers are supported and connected with appropriate interventions services and community agencies when possible.

Dundas Parenting and Family Literacy Centre -- Days and Hours of Operation

Monday -- Thursday -- 8:45 AM -- 1:45 PM

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Parenting Centre Flyer and Translations

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