TDSB Top Scholars for 2016-2017 Announced
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School Staff

Office Staff

Principal Mr. B. Vatzolas
Vice-Principal Ms. M. MacGillis
Office Administrator Mrs. J. Warner
Office Assistant  Mrs. S. Manjra

Caretaking Staff

Chief Caretaker Mr. R. Sloviak
Caretaking Staff Kevin Callaghan
Dan Cole/Sterling Tash


Mr. J. Ambrosio
Math, Science, Applied Arts
Mr. J. Applebaum   Library/Applied Arts and English
Mr. B. Brooks
Gr. 7 Math/Science
Mr. A. Cappel
Gr. 7/8  Music, English
Ms. F. Caraiscos
Girls Gr. 7/8 Phys Ed/Health, Drama
Mr. H. Chuang

Ms. C. Cooke
Core and English
Ms. E. Deemac
French Immersion Core
Mr. R. Gaghadar
Math/Science/Applied Arts
Mr. J. Giles   French Immersion Math and Physical Ed.
Ms. C. Fidgen
Core English
Ms. F. Fotiadis
Ms. J. Franklin
Applied Arts and Resource 
Ms. M. Glenesk
Ext French Core and Resource 
Ms. L. Leveille
Gr. 7 Extended French Core and English
Ms. Jo Miller
Ms. Jodie Miller
Gr. 7 Core and English
Ms. C. Noda
French Immersion Core and English Core
Ms. D. Vidovic

Core French
Ms. C. Reimer
Gr. 7 Extended French
Mr. S. Smith
HSP and Resource 
Mr. M. Schuler
Boys Phys Ed/Health- Gr 7/8 and Resource 
Mr. J. Sneyd
Autism ISP
Ms. J. Vernon Baker    French Immersion Core/Music/ Core French


Ms. S. Domenico Guidance Counsellor

Support Staff

Ms. J. Denoso   Pool Instructor - Girls
Ms. A. Chiu   Pool instructor - Boys
Ms. S. DesBarres CYW, AUT ISP

  Ed Assistant AUT ISP
Ms. C. Attisano Ed Assistant LD
Ms. N. Kostopoulos
Ed Assistant LD /HSP

Ms. Kim Hicks
Social Worker
Mr. B. Yasny ESL

Music IT

R. Harry/A. Storyle Music/Strings
Mr. R. Wooldridge Music/Band
Contact Us
(416) 393-9545

100 Strathcona Ave
Toronto, ON
M4J 1G8

Superintendent: Mary Jane McNamara
Trustee: Jennifer Story

Location of School

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