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Meet Our Staff


John is back at the Island School after working as a classroom teacher at Huron Street Public School for ten years. He previously worked at the Island School from 1994 to 2005. He has a passion for teaching science and sharing his love of the outdoors with students and adults. John enjoys photography, camping, cycling, robotics and anything related to astronomy.

"Look deep into nature, then you will understand everything better." Albert Einstein



Catherine has been at the Island School since 2007, as both a site supervisor and teacher. She enjoys bringing her two passions - the arts and the outdoors - together when she is teaching. She is excited about helping students fully explore, understand and respect the natural world as well as teaching them that they have an important role in sustaining it.  




Allan began teaching at the science school shortly after arriving from England in 1997. He enjoys every aspect of the outdoors especially hiking/camping and playing, coaching and watching rugby.

"Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air." - Emerson.





Amy has spent a great deal of her life outdoors, and would prefer to keep it that way! She has worked as a Science teacher at the Royal Ontario Museum, an English teacher in Chiapas, Mexico, as well as an archaeologist and actor. She began her Outdoor Education career as a Natural History Interpreter at the Wye Marsh and then at Bruce Peninsula National Park. For her, the natural world is a home where she can explore, think, listen, and discover. She delights in sharing this world with all students, and believes that if each student can discover a positive personal connection to the natural world, then the future the outdoors.


Christine likes to be outdoors, especially when the sun is out! She has been working in outdoor education since 2009 and recently rejoined the Island Science School. Christine enjoys hiking, camping, canoeing, cycling, climbing and swimming. She likes to marvel in nature and can't wait for you to joining her in exploring and learning at the Island.



Tom (On Leave)

"Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect"

Chief Seattle

Tom has always had an interest in natural science and the outdoor world. He spent 14 years promoting conservation education at the Toronto Zoo before moving into the field of outdoor education. He has worked at Hillside, Forest Valley and Mono Cliffs, working with children of various ages. He has worked at the Island Natural Science School since 2001, as an Outdoor Education Specialist.




Our Interns are University of Waterloo Co-operative Learning students, who have the opportunity to work at jobs that are related to their field of study. Generally students will attend University of Waterloo for four months of study, and then work at a work-term placement for four months. This valuable experience is beneficial for both the Interns and the Island Natural Science School.

Currently our Interns are Sam, Olivia and Krista.

Kitchen Staff

The Nutrition Services Staff work hard to prepare foods that are delicious and nutritious. When they have been made aware of them, the staff prepare foods that meet medical, religious and moral requirements.

Staff Members: Margaret, Gianina, Lucia and Louisa

Caretaking Staff

Providing well-maintained, clean and safe environments, caretaking encompasses the cleaning of school and administrative facilities, mechanical checks and minor maintenance while interacting with and supporting students, staff and the community.

Caretakers: Francesco (head), Shiloh, Grant and Chris.

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