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School Council 2016-2017

Hello John Fisher Parents

My name is Tanya Razek, and I am the new chair for John Fisher school council. I have two children that started in JK/ SK at John Fisher, who have since graduated and now attend Glenview Sr. P.S. and my youngest son is presently in grade four. I have many fond memories and look forward to many more.
We had our first Parent Council meeting this past Tuesday September 27th, thank you for coming, it was a great turn out. This year we say goodbye to a number of key Parent Council members. A big thank you to Anne Carty, our out-going chair of the past three years, she has been instrumental in advocating for our school. We also want to thank, Maryam Meffe our treasurer and Sandra Kwon our secretary, both have contributed a tremendous amount of time to the school.
At the meeting we elected our new executive, voting members and members of the finance committee. Please welcome Lisa MacLean ( as our new treasurer and chair of the finance committee and Julia Norman ( as our new Secretary. Thank you! I will be in touch with you if you had indicated that you wanted to be a voting member and or a member of the finance committee.
We have had a busy first few weeks back to school with our Welcome Back BBQ, curriculum night and the Terry Fox Run. Thanks to everyone that attended and to those of you that volunteered your time to help.
On that note, John Fisher has consistently had a strong parent volunteer base and I strongly encourage you to complete the parent volunteer survey and fill in where you are able to volunteer at the school. The link is here can also be found below. Thank you to those of you who have completed the survey. I will do my best to review the results and get in touch with everyone as soon as possible.
We have many committees that still require a chair and volunteers. Some include; Fundraising, Welcome & Recognition, June Fair, Milk, Educational Issues and Fete.
Please visit our website for more detailed descriptions of committees.
Our school council meets once a month, except in December, January and March at 7pm in the library. The dates of the school council meetings are set for October 18, November 15, February 7, April 4 and May 30. A June meeting may be scheduled if necessary. Dates are all posted on our School Calendar
Our finance committee will begin to work on the school budget for this calendar year 2016/2017. More information will be sent to the various committee chairs to submit their budget requests for the next school council meeting in October.
Thank you and welcome to a new school year!
Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Tanya Razek


Last week all John Fisher families received a letter from the Fundraising Committee asking for your support. If you have not yet sent in your donation to enhance our children’s learning experience at John Fisher, please take a few moments now to do so.

In case the letter and donation form did not make their way home to you, please click here. Copies are also available in the school office.

Donations of all amounts are welcome and will help us achieve our goal of raising at least $50,000 for additional equipment, extra-curricular activities, special events, sports, arts and cultural programs that help define the John Fisher experience.

Also, if you are donating to the United Way, you can designate any part of your donation to our school. To do this, you will need the school's official name, address and registration number:

John Fisher School Council
Reg. no. 855415840RR0001
40 Erskine Avenue
Toronto, On M4P 1Y2

Thank you in advance for your support!

Tanya Razek (Chair, School Council) & Stephanie Tjon (Member, Fundraising Committee)

Class Parents

Consider Being A Class Parent Volunteer This Year!

Class Parents at John Fisher provide a vital link between teachers and parents, and between the School Council and parents.

The role of a Class Parent is to work with the classroom teacher to provide help and support of their program. This can include: assisting with field trips, helping to arrange special events, arranging a volunteer schedule, etc. Class Parents also help to organize and encourage participation at School Fundraising events such as the John Fisher Fete (an annual school fundraiser), June Fair, Jump rope for Heart, and other yearly activities. Finally, class parents may also arrange for a year-end class gift if the class wishes to do this.
Two Class Parents for each class will be selected. Additionally, final appointments will be made in consultation with the teacher. To maximize parental participation, first consideration will be given to those who have not held a position before. It is not a time consuming position, but an important one that can be done equally well whether you work inside or outside the home.

If you are interested in being a class parent for your child’s class please email the Class Parent Chair ( by Monday, September 19th. In your email, please indicate: your name, your child’s name, grade, room number and teacher.

As Class Parents you have an excellent opportunity to work with your child’s teacher, to ensure the success of special school events and contribute to effective communications at John Fisher. If you have any questions, please let me know, and I will do my best to answer them.




December 2015

Hello John Fisher parents!

Thanks to our Treasurer, Maryam Meffe, and our Finance Committee, we have recently passed our 2015-2016 school council budget. It is posted right here 
on the school website. Please take a moment to look it over. 
Unfortunately for us, as of January Maryam is unable to carry on in the role of Treasurer. We need a parent with a background in accounting who is willing to assume the role for the remainder of the school year (if not longer!). Maryam will be on hand to help with the transition and to answer any questions that interested parents may have about the role. The treasurer is a critical part of our school council so it is imperative that we fill this position. Please feel free to contact me directly at for more information! 

Thank you! Anne

October 2, 2015

Hello John Fisher Parents!

We had our first school council meeting this week. We had a good turnout and elected our executive, voting members and members of the Finance Committee. The Finance Committee will soon begin the process of preparing recommendations for this year's budget. More information on that will follow soon. A big thanks to Marlene and Lee-Anne for their presentation and for answering parents' questions. Council meetings are a great way to stay in tune with what is happening at the school. I encourage you to attend. Our next council meeting will be held on October 20th.

Thanks to all of you who filled out the directory and volunteered to help the school council in various capacities through the parent volunteer survey. A huge thank you to Urs Bill for pulling that directory and survey together for us - he has done so for years and, sadly for us, this is his last year at John Fisher...thank you Urs! We are still sorting through all the information and will be in touch with volunteers in the near future.

We had a great day for the Terry Fox Run this week. A huge thank you to all the parent volunteers who worked extremely hard to make this happen. It is days like these that are an important part of the fabric that makes John Fisher so special!

Programs are kicking into high gear so look for more communications from various committees about lunch, milk and other programs. We're off to a great start!

For those of you who wish, we have a private Facebook group that one of our parents has set up for John Fisher Parents. The Facebook group is meant as a forum for JFPS parents to share information and connect with each other and is not affiliated directly with the school or the TDSB. If you would like to be a member of that group, please email me directly.

As always, please do not hesitate to get in touch with questions or concerns.

Anne (

September 2015

Hello John Fisher parents!

Welcome to the 2015-2015 school year. My name is Anne Carty and I am chair of the John Fisher school council. A lot goes on at a school like John Fisher and for those of us who have been around for a while it is easy to forget that for new parents, the school experience is quite novel and can be overwhelming. The purpose of this letter is to give parents, experienced and new, a brief overview of our school council and the many initiatives that we will be undertaking during this school year.

School Directory

I encourage all of you to access our online form to submit your information to our family directory. This link will be accessible until midnight, Wednesday, September 23rd. More information about the directory, which includes a parent volunteer form, can be found at this link:

School Council

The John Fisher school council is made up of an executive, consisting of the positions of chair (me), treasurer (Maryam Meffe) and secretary (Sandra Kwon).

Our school council meets once a month, except in December and March, at 6:45 pm in the library. The dates of the school council meetings are tentatively set for September 29, October 20, November 17, January 19, February 16, April 19 and May 17 (a June meeting will be scheduled if required) – these dates will be confirmed at the first school council meeting on September 29th. Meetings are open to all parents. Attendance is encouraged. It is a good opportunity to find out what is happening at the school, to voice concerns and to get an update from our administration.

Any parent who wishes may be elected to be a voting member of the school council by attending our first school council meeting on September 29th, by filling out the relevant section of the parent volunteer form (see link above) or by emailing me directly in advance of the meeting indicating your desire to be a voting member. A voting member of the school council is eligible to vote on any school council issue if, as a council, we are unable to come to a consensus. Please note that any parent may attend and participate at our monthly school council meetings; it is only in the event of a lack of consensus on any particular vote that the voting will be restricted to elected voting members of the school council (this is a rare occurrence).

In addition, any parent who wishes may serve as part of the Finance Committee, which is chaired by our school Treasurer. Any one who wishes to be a member of the Finance Committee must be voted in as a member of that committee at the first meeting of the school council, either by attending the meeting or by emailing me directly in advance of the meeting. The Finance Committee will meet early in the year to recommend to the school council a budget for the 2015-2016 school year. The budget is based on requests submitted to the Finance Committee by the administration, staff and chairs of school council committees.

We have several committees that operate as part of the school council, each of which is headed by one or more chairs/co-chairs.

Among our numerous committees are the following:

Lunch Committee (Liane Downs and Helen Bucknell)
Fundraising Committee (Vertina Tsang)
After Four Committee (Tonina Dumic)
Welcome and Recognition (Tanya Razek and Jodi Grant)
Health and Safety Committee (Candace Holtzman)

We encourage all parents to get involved in school council, both by attending monthly meetings and by volunteering for one or more of our many committees. Please complete our parent volunteer survey at by midnight, Wednesday, September 23rd to indicate your willingness to get involved!

Welcome Back Barbeque

We hope to see everyone at John Fisher ‘s annual Welcome Back BBQ on Monday, September 21st (note new date). This is a great opportunity for parents and students, new and not so new to meet, mingle and share a meal. More details will become available very soon.

Fundraising at John Fisher

Like every school in the TDSB, John Fisher relies heavily on fundraising initiatives to raise money to supplement our school’s budget. In 2014-2015, through our various committees, the school council raised approximately $54,000. Those funds will be used to pay for programs held at John Fisher during the 2015-2016 school year. To give you an idea, in 2015, the school council funded band and strings, scientists in the classroom, cultural enrichment activities, participation in sporting clubs and technology in the classroom to name but a few. Our fundraising initiatives are extremely important to the enriched experience that our children benefit from at John Fisher.

Fundraising Initiatives:

Each year, the fundraising committee works very hard to raise funds for our children. Perhaps the simplest way of donating to John Fisher is through direct donations. For those who wish, a direct donation to the school council is an excellent way of contributing to our fundraising efforts, as all proceeds from donations go directly to the students through our annual budget process. Our Fundraising Committee will be providing more information about direct donations in the coming weeks.

We also engage in a number of other fundraising initiatives throughout the school year. Each year the school council holds two major fundraising events. The first is an adult, ticketed silent and live auction called The Fete. This amazing, fun event involves local businesses and parents donating their goods and services for the live and silent auction. The evening is always a fun party where parents are able to eat, drink and be merry – for once without the little ones afoot! More details about getting involved in the Fete will be available in early 2016.

Our second major fundraiser is our annual June Fair – which is fun for the whole family but is really a highlight for the kids. We have inflatables, carnival food, games – and all kinds of fun – hopefully in lovely June weather! As much fun as it is, the June Fair requires an army of volunteers. We look forward to seeing you there!

Our Fundraising Committee carries on additional initiatives throughout the year. This year we will be introducing a pizza lunch fundraiser, three times per term. More information will be provided to you about these initiatives from our Fundraising Committee.

Towards the end of the school year, our grade 6 students will likely start some weekly fundraising, such as freezie sales, to generate funds to offset the cost of the grade 6 graduation.

Noon Enrichment

As many children bus to and from school, almost all of our students eat lunch at school. The Lunch Committee helps to ensure a safe and fun environment for children in Grades 1-6 through the "Noon Enrichment Program". The committee organizes the staffing of this program, as well as all of its materials and supplies (games, arts and crafts materials and Lego). They also help to coordinate programs through the lunch hour through outside agencies. Pizza lunches (which are school wide and run 2-4 times/year and are separate from the fundraising pizza lunches) are also coordinated through this committee. More information about the Noon Enrichment Program will be sent to you in the coming days.

Hot Lunches – Real Food for Real Kids

During the 2015-2016 school year, we are introducing a hot lunch program at John Fisher. THIS IS NOT A FUNDRAISER. The school council has arranged for a third party hot lunch provider, Real Food for Real Kids (, to sell and provide hot lunches to students two days per week. In the coming weeks we will be sending you all of the details required to participate in the hot lunch program.

Kiss n’ Ride

Traffic congestion is a significant safety concern at John Fisher. With the tremendous amount of construction in our neighbourhood, drop-off in the morning is quite tricky. We ask that you please do not drop off at the front of the school on Erskine – this area is reserved for bus drop-off. Instead, please use the Kiss n’Ride area on Keewatin Avenue. Parent volunteers will be there in the morning to assist your children in safely getting out of your car and into the schoolyard. We are always looking for volunteers for Kiss n’Ride. If you are able to volunteer or would like additional information, please contact Tanya Razek at

The foregoing is by no means a complete overview of all that happens at John Fisher. We will do our best to keep you up to date with our website (www. as well as through Twitter (@JFPenguins) and weekly through the Squawk. As always, I am happy to hear from you at any time at

Thank you – and GO PENGUINS!

Anne Carty
Location of School

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