Guidance Counselor

My name is Michelle Bruner and I am the Guidance Counselor (EIC) for Essex, Jesse Ketchum, Lord Dufferin, Lord Lansdowne, Market Lane, Nelson Mandela, Sprucecourt and Winchester Public School.
To keep you informed with the Guidance and Career Education Program, I will be regularly updating you with messages on my blog.

It will have the latest guidance and career education information. Also, you will find many valuable resources on topics like: bullying awareness, grade 8-9 transitions and homework help. 

Choices Into Action
Guidance and Career Education is mandated in our schools through a Ministry of Education Policy Document called “Choices Into Action”.  This document outlines competencies to be covered in the school Guidance and Career Education Program from grades 1 to 12.
The program is not taught as a separate subject such as mathematics or history, instead, skills are learned throughout the curriculum, blending across many areas of study.