Market Lane Homework Club

Welcome To Market Lane School Homework Club

We welcome you to join us!


Where:  The Library of Market Lane Public School.


What:  Our students will be offered assistance with their homework with school staff school, Focus on Youth Students, and Cabbagetown Youth Centre staff

When: Tuesdays 3:30 PM- 4:30 PM


The program begins on Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Who:  Grade 1-6 students. Space is limited to 25 spaces until further notice.

Contact: Kwame Lennon (416)393-1300 & Michael Papathanasakis (416)884-2934


Registration forms can be collected and returned in the Main Office.

Complete the Registration Form, the Rules and Expectations form, and the Permission Form to Walk Home Alone. Return these completed forms to the Main Office.

Rules and Expectations while participating in the Homework Club

1.  The Market Lane Pledge of Success must followed during the Homework Club

2. Students must arrive with homework.

3. Tutors are not responsible for finding work for the students to do.

4. Students will be picked up at a designated time or will walk home on their own (permission form must be completed).

5. The Homework Club operates to help students with their homework and is not to be used as a child care service.

6. Parents are asked to check in with the tutors when dropping off/picking up their child and to sign their child in/out. Parents are to come into the building to pick up their child.

7. Students are to respect the environment, equipment, the tutors/volunteers and other students participating in the Homework Club. Failure to act appropriately may result in the loss of the privilege of attending the club.

8. Parents must leave a number where they can be reached during the Homework Club so that the child can contact their parent/guardian for pick-up, in the event of an emergency or for other concerns.

9. Students are to bring all necessary items with them to complete their homework. Limited supplies will be available.

10. Parents are to be prompt when picking up their children, no later than 4:30pm.