Market Lane Offers:

  • Junior kindergarten to grade eight.
  • Access to an excellent gymnasium for physical education
  • Weekly swimming lessons.
  • An enclosed courtyard playground for students up to grade three.
  • Exclusive use of two neighbourhood parks for outdoor play during school hours.
  • A large library with bi-lingual resource materials and a computer lab.
  • The school is completely accessable with ramps throughout and an elevator.

Music Program

Students have different opportunities to extend their musical talents and interests. Itinerant Music Instructors also offer Strings, Band and Steel Pan instrumental lessons for our Junior and Senior students. In addition, we offer African Drum Ensembles.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Market Lane Public School offers students a diversity of extra-curricular activities that contribute to students developing their talents and interests. These include team sports, cross-country running, Chess Club, Drama Club, and an Art Club. All students are encouraged to take part in these activities as they contribute to the development of well-rounded young people with a healthy respect for self and others. Participation privileges may be withdrawn in cases where behaviour, attitude or academic effort is not satisfactory.

Lunch And Snack Program

A supervised lunch program is offered to students in all grades. Parents who require this service must fill out a registration form which is sent home through the classroom teacher early in September. They can choose from the Hot Lunch Program or a bring-your-own-lunch program. (No glass bottles are allowed in packed lunches.) Students signed into the program must stay on school property during the lunch period. The program is optional for students in Grade 7 and 8 who have a parent's permission. Consistent misbehaviour by a student during the lunch period can result in the loss of this privilege and parents will be responsible for their child during the lunchtime.

A snack program is also offered for all students in grades JK-8. Parents are encouraged to financially support this program.