Who we are

Oakwood CI – Who We Are

Since 1908, Oakwood CI has provided a strong, welcoming, and caring community for each of its students.  We strive to serve the needs of the community through exceptional programming in academics, arts, and athletics.  Long recognizing that each student has specific learning needs, we provide a supportive and CARING environment to ensure everyone achieves to his or her highest potential. In meeting the needs of each student, we pride ourselves on our diversity, our equity and our high standard of excellence --- At Oakwood we C.A.R.E.!  And as a school family, we focus on:

C - Curriculum and Instructional relevancy and responsiveness

A - Achievement and Student Success

R – Relationships, Respect, and Responsibility

E – Excellence (achieved through high expectations, engagement, and equity)

We are particularly passionate about starting students off on the right foot, which is why we are the first school in Toronto to offer a grade 9 Enhanced Pathways Program with all academic level programming for students who have traditionally selected between the Academic and Applied level courses.

We also welcome students to many other programs in our school including:

  • our Extended French Program

  • our innovative INTERACT Program for students with high demand outside school commitments and require flexible learning opportunities (student applications are accepted from across Toronto)

  • our Developmental Educational Program where students with intellectual disabilities strengthen their Functional Academics as well as their Life/Social Skills to better prepare them for their Post-21 life,

  • a Specialist High Skills Major in both Arts and Culture and in Sports.  

At Oakwood we believe in your child as much as you do. Come and experience the Oakwood caring and creative difference

Think other … Think OCI!
Take care of yourself --- and each other,
Strive to be the best you can be, Don’t be afraid to be different --- Be an ‘Original’, Take risks,
Think 'outside-the-box',
Think 'Other' ---- Think OCI!!!