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Uniform policy

How Uniform is to be worn

  • Skirts will not be hemmed shorter than 5 cm above the top of the knee.
  • Plain black tights or black knee-high socks must be worn with skirts. When knee high socks are worn, black bike shorts must also be worn.
  • All pants and skirts must be worn at the waist.
  • Clothing is to be neatly hemmed or cuffed and not rolled to distort the intended length. Pants will not be tucked into socks or shoes.
  • All oxford shirts must be tucked into skirts/pants.
  • All outer tops must display the Runnymede Collegiate school logo crest.
  • Only white and black T-Shirts and Turtlenecks are to be worn under sweaters. Gray or red or any other coloured undergarments are prohibited.
  • White collared shirts must be worn under vests.
  • Only black dress pants are to be worn.
  • If a tie is worn, it must be an official school tie and tied appropriately
  • During warmer weather, students may choose to wear black knee-length walking shorts manufactured by R.J. McCarthy Ltd.
  • Don't miss McCarthy's VIP Event of Runnymede Collegiate students, Sunday, June 16, 2013, 11 am - 5 pm and receive 10 percent off your uniform purchase.

When Uniform is to be worn

  • Students must be in complete uniform while on school property.
  • Students must arrive and leave the school wearing the complete uniform.
  • Changing in hallways and washrooms is not permitted.
  • Students must wear complete uniforms to out-of-school functions, including field trips and athletic events.


  • Students will not wear any type of headgear while inside the school building.
  • No ear-bands, headbands, hoods, bandanas, towels, hats or caps will be allowed.
  • Students will not wear any article of clothing that covers any part of the face. These articles include dark glasses, scarves, hoods and bandanas.
  • Bandanas will not be worn anywhere on the body.
  • Religious headgear which is black or white in colour may be worn. Female students may wear a black or white plastic accessory to keep hair back. All other headgear is prohibited.

Jackets and Coats

  • Jackets and coats will not be worn during instructional hours.
  • Jackets and coats will not be allowed in any room.
  • Jackets and coats must be placed in lockers prior to the beginning of the school day.
  • Jackets and coats will be worn only when arriving to and leaving Runnymede.


  • Students wearing long black skirts for religious reasons may provide these skirts themselves.
  • Students may be exempt from the headgear rule for religious reasons (check with administration).
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