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Principal's Message

Message from Principal Paul Edwards  "Runnymede CI: Worth Studying"

Principal’s message – June 2017

Our yearbook showcases another successful school year in academics, school teams, clubs, events, activities, including all the people who define our Amazing school. It shows why Runnymede Collegiate Institute is indeed Worth Studying. Special thanks to those who played very significant roles in our lives this year, including staff, our friends and our families.

Our teachers are simple amazing and we thank them for the incredible work that they do with our students every day. I would also like to thank our Assistant Heads of Curriculum for their tremendous support in the delivery of the curriculum. A very special thanks to the following Heads for their leadership in the past few years and wishing them well in the next years as they take on new challenges: Ms. Lambert, Mr. Kotsopoulos, Ms. Pidhayny, Ms Bengo, and Ms. Frost.

To our coaches, staff advisors and mentors, special thanks for the work that you have done with our students. Thanks to our Student Council – RUSTCO, our Athletic Council - RAC, our Arts Council – RAC.

As Principal of Runnymede CI, I am very proud of our students and teachers, and all the significant supports in place to ensure student success.

A special moment in our school’s life this year was marked by the passing of our teacher, Mr. David Graham. He and his family will continue to be in our thoughts and I am sure that he would want us to move on living positive and productive lives. And we will.

Our successes include: climbing the walls at Camps, learning to work and play together, mentoring our elementary students in STEM based projects as well as through our Partnership with Canada’s Right to Play organization, extreme academic successes-culminating in the largest array of Awards and Scholarships this year, four consecutive appearances at the FRC World Robotics Championships held in St. Louis, USA and in this, our rebuilding year…a very strong showing. Way to go Team 1310!!!!

On May 6th, 2017, RCI celebrated our 90thAnniversary. The school’s history and achievements, as well as the dedication and commitment of some of our prestigious alumni and former staff were highlighted. Congrats to our Alumni, headed by Mr. John Maniezzo and staff Liason, Ms Carlotta Lovell. An amazing event!

To our Graduates: we wish you well in the next stages of your lives and we look forward to celebrating this special occasion with you at our June Commencement. Life @RCI will never be the same without Mr. Chris Ryan, exemplary teacher, mentor to many, and a special friend to us all. All the best in your retirement. We will all miss you Sir!

Thanks to the Chair of our School Council, Harpreet Gulri, along with our parents in helping us to guide this great school to a higher level. To our parents and guardians, I ask that you continue to take the time to review your child’s academic progress, and continue to work with your child on shaping future academic goals. This continues to be our highest priority.

On behalf of all students and our staff, I extend a heartfelt personal congratulation to all of RCI’s student body. You are truly outstanding student leaders. I would also like to recognize and thank this year’s yearbook team including our Editor-in-Chiefs Jimmy Huynh and Elizabeth Nguyen as well as Staff Advisor Ms. Theresa Frost for this year’s Magna Charta.

I would also like to recognize and honor the visionary leadership provided by our Vice-Principals Mrs. Julie Ardell and Mr. Joseph Pollice and our very own Superintendent of Education, Ms. Tracy Hayhurst. It is my hope that as you review this yearbook, that you will be reminded of all the positive relationships, experiences and successes that we have enjoyed together.

To our dear students, staff, parents, guardians and our special community members, we wish you well in all you do. Have a safe and enjoyable summer with family and friends.  See you all in September.

Paul Edwards,



Thank you to all parents/guardians for your support. We are working hard to ensure that your children have a positive year. Our #1 goal is to ensure each and every student receives the best academic support possible. Our teachers and support staff are committed to making this happen. In addition, our focus is on character development, with an emphasis on promoting respect within the school and the surrounding community. To meet these goals, we ask that you review the follow “student responsibilities” with your child. When we work together…the possibilities are endless!

• School starts at 8:45am promptly! Please be in the classroom BEFORE 8:45am.

• Full uniform is mandatory each day. The basic uniform includes black pants and a Runnymede crested top (no sweat pants, no hoodies, no hats, no jackets, no large gym bags).

• Each student is required to have his/her own locker. High security locks are recommended and can be purchased in the school office for $7.50.

• Do not bring any valuables to school.

• Attendance and punctuality in EACH class is required to achieve success.

• “Effort” is a 6-letter word for success!  ☺

Semester 2 is now underway and this is a great opportunity for students to set new goals for success. Should you have any questions about your child’s program, please email me at

I look forward to seeing many of you at parent/teacher interviews on October 25th. In the meantime, stay warm and well.

Julie Ardell

Vice Principal


Most of our graduating students have applied to university and college for next year. If you missed the Equal Consideration Deadlines (January 16 for university applicants and February 1 for college applicants), you may still apply, however, oversubscribed programs are most likely full.

For students returning to Runnymede, we will be hosting Course Option Assemblies the week of February 11. It is very important that students attend these sessions in order to make informed choices for their program of study for next year. Students will be choosing classes for 2013/2014 online at Parents are encouraged to go online with their sons/daughters in order to make the right choices for their future. Looking ahead to postsecondary, helpful websites to consult are for students planning on the university pathway and for students planning on the college pathway. These websites give valuable information on Grade 12 prerequisite courses for different programs at all of Ontario’s universities and colleges. From there, students can backtrack and decide which courses to choose for Grades 11 and/or 10.

Wilma Pidhany

Location of School

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