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Experiential Learning

Operating in a business focused school, the Scarlett Experiential Learning department thrives on increasing opportunities for student success through differentiated instruction, experiential learning, and community partnerships.

Meaningful curriculum connections are made by examining corporate social responsibility with Terracycle, Banking in Action with Junior Achievement, and financial literacy with Investors Education. Moreover, our school-wide international trips provide a global perspective on business administration in thriving markets such as India and China.

All classes, are interactive using SmartBoards and MOBI systems, extended using Moodle, and enriched using our Apple computer lab. We strongly encourage the use of technology to deliver content and demonstrate learning.


It takes a lot to start a business - just ask any of our grade 9 or 11 business students. Twice a year, Scarlett's business classes take a dive into the world of entrepreneurship by carefully planning and executing their own ventures. These business minds gather to offer a day of retail, service, and fun for the community to enjoy. Congratulations to all our budding entrepreneurs for hosting another successful Spring Carnival.


Reflecting on a year of student success in the co-op department. Students proudly showcased their posters and recounted their experience in positions such as Computer Repair Technician, Assistant Auto Mechanic, and Teacher's Assistant. No better way to learn what it takes than to experience it first hand. Well done to all those who successfully completed their co-op terms, and all the best to next year's recruits!

Dual credit Program

Students at Scarlett Heights taking the Co-op course had an amazing opportunity to take a dual-credit marketing course at Seneca College with transportation and books provided by the school. Every Wednesday students take the student limo to Seneca College at the Newnham Campus. Students have a great time blending in with the college students and enjoy on campus activities such as skating, basketball, dance classes, and fundraisers. Students made many new friends and were reunited with their old friends who are currently attending Seneca College.

In the marketing course students learn about many factors of Marketing such as the marketing mix (product, place, promotion, place, target market) understanding market segmentation and positioning strategies, communications, advertising, Managing the Sales Force and Understanding Ethics, and how to write  a coherent marketing plan  from an enthusiastic professor. Students in the course are now working on their ISU where they have to create a new product for an existing market. Students came up with unique and profitable products such as Halal McDonalds, Ray Ban watches, Gaming Netflix and more. Students are enjoying the course and working hard towards completing the course with high standards.  

Technology & Design

At Scarlett technological education focuses on developing students’ ability to work creatively and competently with technologies that are central to their lives. Their development as technologically literate individuals throughout elementary and secondary school enhances their success in postsecondary studies and in the workplace.
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