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Mr. Scott Richards

Scott Richards, the CEO of Dial800, along with the individuals behind the great accomplishments of the organization in the area of telecommunications, is extremely pleased to say that they have been part of the excellent project of various organizations, such as start-up businesses and huge companies, in getting better client service. Some of these involve advertising organizations, business owners, and other well-known manufacturers across the Northern America.


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Most top corporations rely on phone functions that enable them to easily connect and execute several projects in a versatile way. With the rise of call routing techniques, they can accomplish excellent communicating purpose with multiple task functions and avoid call setbacks as well as occurrence of missed phone calls made by customers. They also provide a large number of identifiable toll-free figures that are tried to be powerful in the enhancement of business outcomes for a huge percentage.

It could be a bad way for customers to wait for answers when making a call for customer assistance. With the use of call routing features of Dial800, everything are done easily making phone callers feel valued by attendants during calls. They are able to obtain their objectives without taking delay for reaction and setbacks. This where the objective of the company is centered, to help corporations offer excellent client support all enough time. They are offering quality services in call tracking, vanity phone numbers, call routing service, tracking numbers and more. Upon setting up the routing applications and all other involved services such as contact monitoring through the use of software, they evaluate first what really are the specifications of your organization and recommend how you could enhance Dial’s device designed to level up your business objectives.

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