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Bob Kerbel

Bob Kerbel grew up in the Cedarvale area and graduated from Vaughan Road Collegiate in 1964, and subsequently, the University of Toronto in 1968. He then pursued graduate studies at Queen’s University in Kingston and obtained his Ph.D degree in 1972. Following a two year period of post-doctoral training in London, England he returned to Queen’s University as an Assistant Professor where he helped develop a centre for cancer research. In 1985 he returned to Toronto and is the Director of Molecular and Cell Biology Research, Sunnybrook and Women’s College Health Sciences Centre, and John and Elizabeth Tory Professor of Experimental Oncology at the University of Toronto.

Dr. Kerbel is internationally recognized for his years of work on developing innovative new strategies for the treatment of cancer. The goal of much of his research has been the design of therapeutic approaches that are less toxic to cancer patients, and also likely to fail in the short term because of the development of drug resistance. He is best known for his achievements in developing anti-angiogenic drug treatment strategies which work by the growth of cancers by inhibiting the new blood vessels that supply cancers with the oxygen and nutrients they need to grow and spread.

In addition to the personal research achievements, Dr. Bob Kerbel has been instrumental in developing three major centres for cancer research in Ontario, which are all internationally recognized as centres of excellence.
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