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Don Harron

In 1936 Don Harron went from Grade seven at Humewood Public School to Grade nine at Vaughan Road Collegiate Institute by writing the Grade eight exams on a dare. At the age of eleven years he was the only one in short pants on that first VRCI day. In his off-hours he performed three times a week on a radio series for the CBC which, like Don, was just getting started in the business. Don spent six years at Vaughan Road Collegiate largely due to skipping his Physics class to shoot pool, and getting 22 out of 100 on the final exam. Despite this he was awarded the school’s Proficiency Cup, in scholastic, artistic, and athletic pursuits.

In 1942 he took a commercial course which gave him his only skill, touch typing, but Don left before the final exams to work for the Farm Service Force, replacing a hired man who had gone into uniform. Ten years later, in 1952, Don created his farmer character, Charlie Farquharson, based on his experiences ten years earlier. Charlie spent eighteen years as the KORN newscaster on television’s "Hee Haw" and wrote ten best selling books. Don spent twelve years playing Shakespeare in three countries, did six shows on Broadway with four in London’s West End, three Hollywood movies, and is still getting royalties as adaptor and co-lyricist of Canada’s longest running musical `Ann of Green Gables’.

This is Don’s 65th year as a professional in show business and he has no plans to quit. Yea Vaughan!!
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