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WHCI’s 2016 Club Fair: The Event That Connected Many

By: Harjot Suri
Monday, November 7th, 2016

ETOBICOKE - On November 4th, West Humber CI’s Connect Club hosted the 2016 Club Fair in the Cafeteria. The Club Fair introduced all the different clubs across the school and brought great attention to them. It was held to get students more involved with school on not just an academic basis.

The Connect Club is a club that helps students become great leaders who can guide and lend a helping hand to fellow peers. For this particular event they had to set up, organize and prepare in order for it to truly run successfully. More than 20 clubs were involved in this event.

Students were able to walk around the cafeteria to the different booths that the clubs set up and provide their emails to get further information on whichever club they were interested in.

Each club had a unique way of getting the attention of others to sign up. For example, the General Council did a raffle and the winner received a voucher toward a discount on their ticket to the semi- formal, while History Club gave people candy for all those who signed up.

“The Club Fair is important because students, especially the grade 9’s, get a good understanding of what clubs they can join at school and what is included in each one of them,” said Hussain Jan, a Connect Leader who was involved in getting students engaged in the clubs.

“The club fair was truly amazing. I found it quite amusing to explore various stalls and learn about the trending stuff happening at WHCI,” said Adeeb Kutty, a fellow student who visited the club fair. “I liked several things about the club fair,” he said, “especially how diverse and original each of the clubs were.” Adeeb then went to sign up for his favourite club, Connect Club.

“I found the Connect Club to be pretty amazing. The people advertising there were quite persuasive and expressed their views pleasantly.” Adeeb ended off.

This is just one event organized by the Connect Club. It allows a student to gain leadership qualities that they can use wherever they go. “The Connect Club also gives you the opportunity to make new friends from other grades along the way,” Hussain continued, “without it, the Club Fair would be a disaster.”

All in all, The Club Fair was successful, and Connect Club hopes to run it next year just as smoothly as they did this year.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – GlobalMedic and Toronto students preparing relief supplies for thousands of people living in Syria

The devastation in Syria is unimaginable, and has left millions of people in desperate need of support. 6.1 million Syrians are internally displaced, and another 4.8 million have been forced to seek refuge in surrounding countries. Airstrikes continue to batter the country, increasingly targeting civilian infrastructure including hospitals and residential neighbourhoods.

As Syrian families flee these brutal attacks, they are in dire need of humanitarian assistance. The cost of basic necessities has skyrocketed, leaving these mobile populations with few resources to protect their health and safety. There is no reliable access to clean drinking water or essential hygiene supplies to protect Syrians from communicable diseases. In complex emergencies, these threats can destroy an already vulnerable population.

On Wednesday, November 16, 2016, GlobalMedic is working with two Toronto public schools to send over 1,000 Family Emergency Kits to Syria. Students from West Humber Collegiate Institute and St. Maria Goretti Catholic School have been raising money to purchase these essential kits and send them to Syria. Each kit contains water purification sachets and essential hygiene supplies such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrushes to serve an entire family. The students' efforts will help protect the health of more than 5,000 people in Syria.

Media is invited to attend the relief supply packing event and speak with the students, teachers and GlobalMedic team members coordinating the event.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Locations, Times and Contacts
10:00 AM to 12:00 PM                                                              9:30 AM - 11:15 AM
West Humber Collegiate Institute                                                St. Maria Goretti Catholic School
1675 Martin Grove Rd                                                               21 Kenmark Blvd
Toronto, ON                                                                            Scarborough, ON
M9V 3S3                                                                                M1K 3N8

Rahul Singh                                                                            Laurel Kozik
Executive Director                                                                    Emergency Programs Officer
rsingh@globalmedic.ca                                                              lkozik@globalmedic.ca
(647) 885-7311                                                                        (647) 678-5850

Matt Capobianco                                                                      Adam Petricic
Deputy Director                                                                       Emergency Programs Officer
mcapobianco@globalmedic.ca                                                    apetricic@globalmedic.ca
(416) 271-0717                                                                       (647) 567-2741


GlobalMedic is an operational arm of the David McAntony Gibson Foundation (DMGF). DMGF is a registered Canadian charity that runs capacity building programs in post-conflict nations and provides relief services to large-scale disasters and complex emergencies around the world. GlobalMedic has implemented over 170 successful disaster responses in 60 countries.

Laurel Kozik
Emergency Programs Officer
o: 416.916.0522 | c: 647.678.5850

WHCI Wins McMaster’s Civil Canada Arm Competition

By: Avi Patel
Friday, November 3rd, 2016

HAMILTON - On October 20, 2016, West Humber Collegiate Institute's Civil Canada Arm team received first place in their competition at McMaster’s University, during the annual McMaster’s Science Olympics.

The purpose of the Civil Canada Arm competition was to construct the longest bridge using a certain amount of materials within a time frame of twenty minutes. Furthermore, the constructed bridge must also be capable of holding up a weight of 100 grams for a minimum of 10 seconds.

West Humber’s Civil Canada Arm team consisted of four high school students, Avi Patel, Adeeb Kutty, Hussain Jan, and Hassan Jan. Together, the young group competed against students from fifty other high schools across Ontario, and won through building a 104 cm long bridge which easily out-competed the others.

“Their cooperation with one another was outstanding, and I was overcome with joy upon witnessing the results of their hard work”, said Tammy Le, a physics teacher at West Humber who acted as the supervisor of the young group during this excursion.

As a reward for such an accomplishment, each of the students received a $500 scholarship towards their first year admission to the University of McMaster.

“Being given such a scholarship delighted me, and at the same time, it also encouraged me to work harder next time to obtain it once more”, said Hussain Jan, a member of the winning team.

West Humber also took part in numerous other events including the Mechanical Transporter, and Biotech to the Rescue competitions. Although the teams weren’t able to win those competitions, they had an amazing time competing against other students, and taking part in such an event.

For instance, Mridula Dua, a member of West Humber’s Mechanical Transporter team, stated how she thought of it as an experience worth remembering, and one that she’d love to do next year.

The students of West Humber had an outstanding time at this event, and they aim to represent the school once more next year.


By: Adeeb Kutty
Friday, November 3rd, 2016

ETOBICOKE - On October 26th, 2016, West Humber Collegiate Institute’s General Counsel successfully hosted their annual Bake Sale which included delectable Samosas and Halloween based custom cupcakes.

Students in the General Counsel with help from the staff at West Humber Collegiate Institute worked collectively to prepare delicious and exquisite Halloween based feasts, which were greatly received by everyone.

The Bake Sale took place on October 26th, right across from the Cafeteria. The prices for the Samosas and Cupcakes were 75¢ each.The money generated by the event would be used later for events in West Humber Collegiate Institute.

“The students hosting the event were properly organized and worked efficiently to maximize profit” said Ms. Malik, the event supervisor.

The students hosting the Bake Sale made a grand total of $130. Excluding the cost used to buy the Samosas and Cupcakes, they made a profit of $70.

“This namesake was a huge success because of the mass effort my group members put in, they were a huge key in this Bake Sale being a success” said Harjot Suri, the project leader of the event.

The cupcakes were wrapped in vanilla webs to contribute to the spookiness of the Halloween spirit week. In addition, Samosas were also greatly received by the students and staff.

“The students hosting the event were quite efficient. The Cupcakes and Samosas were truly delicious and a great addition to my lunch” said Hussain Jan, a customer.


By: Vedant Patel
Tuesday, November 1, 2016

ETOBICOKE - Last Tuesday, West Humber Collegiate Institute’s Cross Country team attended the 2016 Cross Country City Championships at Centennial Hill, placing twelfth overall.

Two weeks ago, West Humber’s Grade 10 Cross Country boys team placed 2nd in the West Region for Etobicoke and secured a spot in the City Championships. During the City Championships, Cross Country teams from schools across Toronto came to Centennial Park to compete. The winner would advance to OFSAA.

The Grade 10’s had to compete against many other schools and run a 6.2 kilometre course around the park.

Unfortunately, the boys did not make it to OFSAA this year but performed better than last year where they ranked 13th. “They were short of some runners, but they pulled through and, had a great race. Their start was wonderful, they kept an amazing pace throughout the race, and ended with a strong fierce finish” commented the team’s coach, Ms. Simpson.

The Team was coached by Ms. Simpson, a gym teacher at West Humber Collegiate Institute. Ms. Simpson said that it was a wonderful experience like every year. “This team is a wonderful group of people. They are all like pillars for each other and support each other continuously. I am looking forward to seeing this group again next year and to experience their positive attitude!”

“The course was very different from last year. It was very challenging”, recalled Zashahn Bacchus, one of the runners on the cross country team. “The hardest part was definitely the hill. Doing the hill twice was not easy.”

The grade 10 boys were missing two runners that day, Elias Allai & Andrick Punit, which was a huge disadvantage for them.

“I went to the City Championships with these guys last year in grade 9. It was a lot of pressure and very competitive. Sadly, I wasn’t able to make it to the City Championships this year to help my team”, said Andrick Punit. “The team performed great, and will do better next year for sure”.

Along with the grade 10 team, there were also numerous volunteers cheering on the boys. “The energy on the field was tremendous”, said Brea Rodgers, a runner from the Cross Country team. “My teammates did amazing and I am for sure working hard to make it to the Cities next year!”

This wraps up an amazing Cross Country season, and the runners are eagerly waiting for Track & Field to start training once again to be ready for next fall!

Eco Club Scavenger Hunt

By Pria Patel
Monday October 31, 2016

ETOBICOKE - On October 25, 2016 the eco club held a scavenger hunt to raise awareness about what will happen if we don’t take care of the Earth. It took place around the school and was organized by Ms.Akhtar.
The scavenger hunt was free of charge and was a huge success. Participants were to go around the school finding the questions, answering them and bringing the answers back to Ms.Akhtar. Whoever got all the answers right would be given the prize.

The winner of the scavenger hunt was Rahul, in grade 9. He won the waterbottle. Everyone had a great time helping with the scavenger hunt as well as participating in it. “There was a big turnout of students who participated this year”, said by Ariana Ramkishur, a student member of the Eco Club.

“I think that this was a great way to incorporate learning about the Earth into activities for the students”, said Ms. Akhtar, the teacher supervisor for the Eco Club.

This year’s scavenger hunt was yet again a great event. Events like this are a great way to get involved in the school, and it can be fun too. Students can learn new things while having a great time with friends.

Student Wins Grand Prize on First Try in Spirit Week Event

By Amit Singh
Thrusday, October 27, 2016

WEST HUMBER - A grade 10 West Humber student won the grand prize in the spirit week event, The Witches’ Cauldron on his first attempt. Neelay Patel took part in the event for his own amusement; in front of the cafeteria during lunch on Tuesday, October 25, 2016.

The Witches Cauldron was an event held two times during the Halloween spirit week. It was run by West Humber's student leadership council.

Mr. Patel took part in the event the first day it was active. Twenty five cents was the fee to receive three tries to win three different prizes.

Mr. Patel had put his hand inside a bucket to pull out a marble; and on his first try, he pulled out a sky blue marble. He was asked how he felt at that moment, and he replied, “It felt cool, it felt good, I felt like a winner.”

Only one sky blue marble was in the bucket and if pulled out, the contestant would receive the grand prize. “Yes, I knew I was the one,” said Mr. Patel when asked if he thought he had any chance of pulling out the sky blue marble.

The hosts of the event, Hassan Jan and Harteek Dehal did not expect Mr. Patel to win the grand prize on his first try. “The odds were very hard and I didn’t even think anyone would win it,” said the host of the event, Mr. Jan.

According to Mr. Jan, the event was a huge success, “It was a success because a lot of people came to play, everyone came and had fun.”

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