Agincourt Athletics Council (AAC)

To promote an active lifestyle through sports and to bring physical fitness and health excitement through events to all students and staff.

Agincourt Business Council (ABC)

Through experiential learning and real world experiences preparing students for their business futures.

Agincourt Computer Council (ACC)

The ACC is dedicated to the promotion and use of technology throughout the school. We aim to be leaders in how technology can be applied to improve students’ experiences during their time here, as well as a source for technological assistance, be it in terms of hardware or software.

Agincourt Environmental Council (AEC)

The primary function of the AEC is to maintain Agincourt’s tradition of environmental friendliness through various club activities such as promotion of recycling.  The main objectives include:  leading Agincourt’s environmental spirit and awareness and share a passion for the improvement and protection of the environment.

Agincourt Equity Council

Agincourt Music Council (AMC)

To support the Music department by organizing and running fundraisers, social events and promoting MUSICA spirit as well as to represent the Music department.

Agincourt Peer Mentors Council (APMC)

To assist grade nines and newcomers with their transition into high school by informing them of upcoming events, clubs, councils and to provide leadership and encourage participation in all constructive aspects of school life.

Agincourt Volunteer Council (AVC)

To provide volunteer opportunity information to students and to host a volunteer fair. Students volunteer at many school events throughout the year.

Agincourt Yearbook Council (AYC)

To produce the year’s yearbook which contains the memories of the events that occurred throughout the school year and to preserve these events for posterity.

Artist’s Society of Agincourt (ASA)

To promote visual arts in the entire school, create decorations for school events and organize art-related activities for the student body.

Student Action Team (SAT)

To determine and address issues that are of importance to the student body on a year-to-year basis.

Students’ Administrative Council (SAC)

To organize annual school-wide events and act as a liason between Agincourt’s students and administration.