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Albert Campbell Collegiate Institute (Gr. 09-12) 

Albert Campbell C.I., has established a tradition of excellence. Our staff and our programs focus on student success. We are proud of our reputation as providing an academically challenging and supportive learning environment. Our curriculum focuses on performance and prepares students for university, college and the world of work.

Albert Campbell C.I. is one of the first TDSB facilities to have comprehensive wireless capabilities enabling us to integrate technology fully into student learning through the use of GPS, iPads, Smartboards,notebooks, and laptops. We have a full range of programs and extra-curricular activities to provide all students with the Albert Campbell Experience: Academics, Community and Engagement. 

Phone:   (416) 396-6684 

Fax :       (416) 396-6728 


Principal: Tami Kelson (

Vice-Principals: Tasneem Munir 

                           Tim Fisher

School Council Chair: Cheryl Hum 

Superintendent: Diana Panagiotopoulos

Trustee: - Yalini Rajakulasingam



Abdolell, Ahmed      
Ahmad, Qaiser        
Akerman, Sonia       
Amlani, Narmin        
Amygdalidis, Nicole 
Beckford, Beverley  
Bignell, Tamara       
Blanco, Polly           
Borch, Margaret      
Bourne, Amanda     
Bozorgi, Ana           
Buck, Philip             
Campbell, Peter      
Capuano-Daniele, Julia
Chaudhry, Samroze
Cheang, Wesley     
Chen, Maggie         
Cheung, Francine   
Crabtree, Caroline  
Delugas, Eileen      
Desautels, Renee   
Dumitru, Lidia          
Elkouby, Emily         
Fahim, Faiza           
Farmer, Jane          
Fekete, Tom            
Frank, William         
Fraser, Candice      
Galati, Tiffany          
Georgakopoulos, Chris
Goffart, David          
Good, Eric               
Grant, Lascelles      
Gupta, Sushma       
Hewlitt, Ryan           
Ho, Stephanie         
Ho, Tony                  
Kim, Helen               
Knetsch, Leila          
Koeller, Mike            
Kulasingam, Prishanthi
Lang, Amanda         
Lanza, Armando      
Law, Barry                
Liscum, Aaron         
MacLellan, Colin      
Madhani, Farida      
Marr, Alan               
McKinley, Scott       
Mohideen, Akheela 
Moin, Mass             
Nolan, Eamonn       
Parathundyil, Reena
Patterson, Janice   
Pazin, Diliana         
Peterkin, Madeline 
Peterson, Heather  
Poulton, Bruce        
Richardson, Tasha 
Rosenquist, Chris   
Schneckenburger, Andrew
Sher, Steven           
Shum, Michael        

Strumos, Linda         
Sze, Cristina                       Cristina.Sze@tdsb.on.
Tham, Aaron            
Tourlou, Ann             
Vandergheynst, Alain
Walker, Stephen       
Wang, Oliver            
Weinstein, Tamarra  
White, Andrew          
Wiggins, Farena       
Williams, Naleeni      
Young, Stephen