At Albert Campbell , we value student voice and choice because they are important to student success. Students entering grade 9 will have different pathways to choose from. We believe students should be supported according to their needs and be provided with enrichment according to their aspirations.

All students scheduled to attend Albert Campbell are eligible to apply for our Enriched Grade 9 English, Math and Science courses. Final acceptance to these courses will depend on an application package and demonstration of the level of numeracy, literacy and problem solving skills suitable for success in the appropriate courses.

All students who wish to apply for enrolment in enriched courses must complete the application package and bring it with them to the orientation session, usually scheduled in January of each school year. Students will receive an invitation and must confirm acceptance by the deadline . The application package will be available each year from the grade 8 guidance counsellors, and on Albert Campbell’s school website (schoolweb.tdsb.on.ca/albertcampbell). Additional information can be provided by phoning the guidance secretary Ms. Cynthia Lou at 416-396-6684 ext. 20041, or by emailing our Curriculum Leader of Guidance Mr. Qaiser Ahmad (qaiser.ahmad@tdsb.on.ca).