Get Your Co-operative Education Experience Started!

Campbell Co-op
What are you going to do after high school?  Regardless of whether your pathway includes college, university, apprenticeship or going straight to the workplace … Cooperative Education is good for YOU!

What Can You Gain?

·         The opportunity to develop work habits and essential skills you need to succeed in all types of workplaces. 

·         Practical work experience suited towards your interests, goals and strengths.

·         An eye-opening taste of what a potential career is really like so that you can make better career decisions. 

Different Coop Programs Suited to Your Needs

a)     4 Credit Coop includes

b)    2 Credit Coop – afternoons only

With full or half day Coop, there is a pre-placement, integration and placement component.   

How to Apply for Coop
a)     Choose Cooperative Education during course selection time

b)    See a Guidance Counsellor in order to make sure that Coop can fit into your course planning schedule. 

c)     Pick up a Coop Application Package from Student Services, fill out and return to the Coop Office Room E24. 

d)    The Coop teacher will contact and interview you to discuss your suitability for the program and how you can benefit from Coop.  This interview is a requirement for entrance into the program.  Your general school attendance, punctuality and achievement will be reviewed.  You will need to supply teacher references.

Central Coop Programs
The following central placement opportunities exist:

a)     Banking and Finance

b)    Apprenticeship

c)     Health Care Coop

d)    Police Coop

e)     Military Coop

 These types of placement are considered central to the Toronto District School Board and require an additional application.  Some of these placements (e.g. Police) are only available to students who signed up for 4-credit Co-op.  Pay very close attention to the due dates in school announcements and home form mail regarding information sessions for applying.  Once these deadlines are missed, you will no longer be eligible for a central placement in the upcoming school year. 

Specialist High Skills Major 
Students who are enrolled in the Arts and Culture SHSM program are required to complete a two credit Coop program related to their area of specialty in order to obtain the red seal on their high school diploma.

Dual Credit College Courses
Students can additional college credit in an area of interest by while completing their Coop in-school and out-of-school requirements. 

The Coop teacher will make an effort to match your personal learning needs, interests and strengths with a compatible supervisor and placement.  Placements are not guaranteed—they are earned through students demonstrating their job readiness during the pre-placement component of the program and a successful job interview.  Often students will be competing with other coop students from other schools for their placement.


Ms Reena Parathundyil