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Albert Campbell Collegiate Institute (A.C.C.I.) has one of the most exciting Modern Languages departments in Toronto! We offer FRENCH Academic and University Preparation courses! 

Are you interested in a career in... Business? Finance? Commerce? Medicine? Tourism? Hospitality? Chemistry? Physics? Astronomy? Publishing? History? Geography? Archeology? Literary Studies? Culinary Arts? Social Work? Translation? Art History? Education? Or do you like to travel and meet new people?

If you study another language, your career opportunities will skyrocket! Why should you study another language? A great question! A strong knowledge of another language will benefit you in virtually any future career path and help you make more money! When you study French, your knowledge of English improves. Our courses are suitable for ESL students! (Level D and higher). Students who study French are shown to have higher overall marks in high school and post-secondary studies.

You will earn an appreciation of the culture, heritage, geography and way of life in many other parts of the world. And let’s not forget... language courses are FUN, DYNAMIC and EXCITING! Our teachers are awesome! There are opportunities for language competitions/contests, field trips, movies and music!

French  at A.C.C.I. are available at the University Preparation level, so they count for University and College applications! Any Grade 10 or higher language course counts towards a “Group 1” credit you need to graduate!

If you love French, keep it up! Our French program is fantastic. If you like languages in general, take more than one! The more languages you can speak and understand, the more opportunities you have in the future.

You start from the very beginning: no previous knowledge is required! 


If you excel in French at the Grade 9 level, be sure to continue your studies in Canada’s other official language. French is an official or major language in over 50 countries and is a prime language of government, business and many other fields here in Canada. Believe it or not...French can be fun!

FSF1O1 – Beginner Core French (ideal for newcomers, including ESL students)

FSF1P1 – Grade 9 Applied Core French

FSF1D1 – Grade 9 Academic Core French

FSF2D1 – Grade 10 Academic Core French

FSF3U1 – Grade 11 University Preparation Core French

FSF4U1 – Grade 12 University Preparation Core French

Modern Languages 2019

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 Mr. D. Goffart (LOA)

Mr. A. Vandergheynst

Mrs. J. Capuano