Attending Albert Campbell C.I.


Grade 8 to 9 Transition Information


Albert Campbell Collegiate Institute offers programming in the following course levels:

  • Locally developed compulsory credits (LDCC)
  • Applied
  • Academic
  • Gifted
  • Enriched (grade 10 and 11)
  • Advanced Placement (grade 12)

Please visit the TDSB website for information on the differences between LDCC, Applied and Academic level courses.


Grade 9 Course Selection Forms:

ESL A/B Form

ESL C/D Form

Regular Program Form

Gifted Program Form


Enriched Learning @ Albert Campbell C.I.

Enriched level courses:

  • Available in English, Mathematics, and Science (grades 10 and 11)
  • Provide the opportunity for more in-depth critical thinking, analysis and conceptual learning
  • Participation in academic contests and competitions
  • Prepare students for Advanced Placement courses in grade 12
  • Option available for students in academic grade 9 courses to take enriched grade 10 courses


Gifted level courses:

  • Students for whom a gifted Intensive Support Program (ISP) is recommended, either through the TDSB Identification Placement Review Committee (IPRC) process or the Special Education Program Recommendation Committee (SEPRC) process, will be offered a placement in an ISP
  • Gifted courses are tailored to the academic needs of students, which may include programming similar to enriched level courses or more enhanced programming
  • Gifted Course Offerings:

Grade 9             Grade 10         Grade 11         Grade 12

English              English              English            English

Geography        History

Mathematics     Mathematics    Mathematics

Science             Science


  • Students in Gifted level courses are eligible to take the following courses in their senior grades:
    • Grade 11 Enriched level courses in the Sciences
    • Grade 12 AP Mathematics (Advanced Functions, and Calculus and Vectors)
    • Grade 12 AP Chemistry and Physics
    • Gifted Grade 12 English students are eligible to write the AP English exam if interested.
  • Please note AP course offerings are dependant upon student course selection choices.  


Advanced Placement (Grade 12):

  • The Advanced Placement Program (AP) allows students to earn a Grade 12, University Preparation credit and pursue university level work while still in high school. In partnership with the College Board, schools offer AP exams which are compiled by the Development Committee which consists of representatives from a wide range of well known universities.
  • These exams are graded by university professors and experienced AP teachers from different parts of the world by using common scoring standards. Successful completion of the AP exam may result in the opportunity to earn placement into second year university courses.  For more information on advanced placement courses, please visit the College Board website