Welcome to the Allenby Library

In using the Allenby Library this year, students will continue to develop their love of books and reading while accessing our vast collection of over 20,000 books.  They will also work to hone their critical literacy, research and inquiry skills as they make use of print and virtual materials.  As much as possible, given the limited time available as a part time librarian, I will work closely this year with classroom teachers to support learning and skill development in all curricular areas, working on special projects with various classes at different times of the year. 

In addition to the print materials available in the library, there are a host of virtual resources available to students and their families on Allenby's Virtual Library website. Students can access eBooks, encyclopedias, videos, reading lists, and databases that are licensed by the TDSB for use by all students.  Also, there are great links to various web tools that students may be using at school (for example Storybird, BitStrips) for projects and may wish to explore further at home.  

Some of the TDSB licensed resources require a username and password when being accessed from home.  We are not permitted to post user names and passwords online, however, this information is printed in the introductory pages of the students' agendas, and bookmarks containing all the usernames and passwords have been ordered for students and will be distributed to anyone who requests one. 

Students can access the library website at school by simply logging on to any computer and opening Internet Explorer. At home, click on "Virtual Library" in the menu bar of the Allenby Jr PS website.