Circulation News

Library book circulation will be up and running during the week of September 17.  Students are currently visiting the library for (re)orientation sessions, and will begin to use the library shortly.  Please ensure that you know when your child's library book exchange day is, and help them to be prepared by reminding them to pack their books in their backpacks on the appropriate day.  Students must return their books before being allowed to sign out new ones.  At the end of each term, if students have outstanding library books that they are unable to locate and return, families will be asked to make a small donation to the library to cover the cost of replacing the lost item. 

Grades 4-6 students will be able to come to the library to exchange books during the first period .  Also, students in grades 3 to 6 are expected to memorize their student numbers for logging-in to school computers and using the automated circulation system.  Teachers have made students aware of their student numbers if they didn't know them already, so please help by quizzing your child at home to help them memorize their number.  Thank you!