Coach's Corner

Allenby Athletics

“We believe that equity of opportunity, and equity of access to our programs, services and resources are critical to the achievement of successful outcomes for all those whom we serve, and for those who serve our school system … The Board is therefore committed to ensuring that fairness, equity, and inclusion are essential principles of our school system and are integrated into all our policies, programs, operations, and practices.”
Toronto District School Board Equity Foundation Statement


The goal of school sports teams at Allenby PS is to foster the pursuit of good health in order to build personal character and interpersonal relations in an inclusive environment, free from discrimination, encouraging self-development and growth while pursuing the enjoyment of active living through the excitement of competition.


All athletics in the TDSB is governed by TDESSA. Schools are divided into different divisions based on the number of students enrolled is specific grades. Allenby is placed in Division 1 for most sports.

Division 1 – City Division will consist of League or Tournament play; is meant for schools wishing to compete at the most competitive level. This Division is league play or tournament play and will include playoffs and a city championship.

Divisions apply to all sports except Cross Country, Swimming, Ice Hockey and Track and Field.


Allenby PS is one of the largest elementary schools in the TDSB. We are fortunate to offer a plethora of opportunities for students in grades 4, 5 & 6, to be involved in team sports. The level of commitment from staff is extensive and to be congratulated. Given the large student population, we have far more students try out for teams than we can accommodate. For this reason, we encourage students to try out for many teams and to participate in our active house league program.

Factors Allenby Coaches Consider When Choosing a Team

  • The student regularly attends tryouts and practices and is prepared and on time.
  • The student displays an understanding of the required skills, rules and gameplay.
  • The student successfully completes tasks, drills and strategies implemented by the coach or coaches. 
  • The student displays significant improvement throughout the course of the tryouts.
  • The student follows instructions, rules and expectations. 
  • The student listens respectfully to coaches and other students.
  • The student continually plays as a member of a team and not as an individual.

Please note: we do not take into consideration the level of play outside of school tryouts.

If a student does not make a team and would like feedback, the student is encouraged to approach the coach in order to have a conversation about why they didn’t make the team and what they can do moving forward. If a parent inquires, they will be directed to have their child speak to the coach.

Expectations of Members of a School Team

  • The student attends all practices and games
  • The student shows respect to coaches, players, opponents and officials on and off the field/court
  • The student supports an enthusiastic and positive approach to all games and practices
  • The student represents Allenby PS well in all sporting events both on and off school property

Please print and sign the attached Athletics Permission Form for all tryouts. If your child makes a team, an excursion form with dates, times and locations will be sent home.