Core Values

Approved by the Alpha II Community

  • Value: Students (mentees) learn best when what they are learning is meaningful to them and they have been centrally involved in deciding what and how to learn.
  • Practice: Students (mentees), in consultation with teachers (mentors) determine what and how they would like to learn.

  • Value: Alpha II provides freedom to allow students (mentees) a rich range of learning opportunities to engage them in designing their own learning activities.
  • Practice: Teachers (mentors) and all Community Members, including the students (mentees) themselves, are encouraged to be actively engaged in seeking out a variety of resources, and to explore opportunities both individually and in groups for students (mentees) to meet their own learning goals.

  • Value: Students (mentees) are encouraged to develop a personal sense of responsibility for their own learning.
  • Practice: Teachers are mentors rather than directors. Students (mentees) are encouraged to take up a range of subject material in interdisciplinary ways.

  • Value: The Community honours and encourages equity, equality, equal voice, diversity and difference.
  • Practice: The teachers (mentors) and all volunteer mentors help foster a learning culture that honours equity, equality, equal voice, diversity and difference in both content and process in the daily life of the school.

  • Value: Non-competitive learning environment.
  • Practice: Evaluation happens at student (mentee)-parent/guardian-teacher (mentor) conferences; grades, tests and report cards are not part of the school culture.

  • Value: Students (mentees) learn in unique ways; they are not expected to conform to predetermined or standardized expectations.
  • Practice: No tests, exams or assessment exercises are given. Students (mentees) demonstrate their learning through on-going work, study and self-reflection. They are encouraged to keep a record of their work in personal portfolios in whatever way they think appropriate.

  • Value: Students (mentees) learn at a pace in tune with their own rhythm.
  • Practice: With the agreement of their parents (or, if over 18, themselves) in writing, and in consultation with teachers (mentors), students (mentees) may design a flexible attendance schedule.

  • Value: The school is run as a Community based on consensus where each person's voice counts in developing that consensus.
  • Practice: Significant decisions about the school are decided at monthly Community Meetings attended by administrators, teachers (mentors), students (mentees) and parents/guardians. Local classroom decisions are made by consensus at regular student (mentee)-teacher (mentor) meetings.

  • Value: Kindness and respect are necessary to foster a positive learning environment.
  • Practice: Everyone involved in Alpha II (students (mentees), administrators, teachers (mentors), parents/guardians, volunteers) is encouraged to strive for kind, respectful behaviour by listening carefully and attentively to what others say. Disagreements are resolved through a conflict resolution proceess supported by the teachers (mentors) but initiated by students (mentees).