Alpha II - Education That is About You

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At Alpha II, you direct your own learning with support from your mentors, your parents and the Alpha II community. Through our regular communications classes, morning circles, mentor meetings and a wide variety of organized learning activities you will have many opportunities and lots of support to engage in both collaborative and individual learning activities. You will demonstrate your learning and growth by maintaining a personal portfolio of your work that you can share with the mentors, your parents, your peers at individual meetings and school-wide portfolio days. Instead of a diploma, your portfolio is how you will showcase your talents and accomplishments when you are ready to leave Alpha II for another school, for work ,or for post-secondary education.

At Alpha II the community is your learning environment.  In order to direct your own learning you also need a strong voice to help shape the community.  We make decisions at our weekly school meetings where everyone, the mentees and the mentors, make agreements on what we will do together as a community. The weekly school meetings is one of the most important aspects of Alpha II as it helps shape and strengthen our entire learning community. In keeping with the philosophy of Alpha II, all decisions at these meetings are made by consensus, so everyone at these meetings has an equal voice in every decision. At Alpha II you will experience life in a community where every person is equal and accepted for who they are.  Every member of the Alpha II community has a critical and active responsibility to ensure that Alpha II is a supportive and positive learning environment for everyone.

Alpha II is a great place to introduce yourself to the world. We are located in an area with exceptional opportunities - in one of the most diverse neighbourhoods in downtown Toronto. We have easy access to the subway, a large shopping mall, a unique & popular community park, a branch of the Toronto Public Library, two playing fields, two tennis courts and a basketball court - all of which are part of our learning environment..