Will Alpha II Work For You?

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Do you:

  • Love to create things on your own time
  • Love to try new things
  • Question the way things are in the world
  • Love personal challenge
  • Love to get things done
  • Love to try things for yourself
  • Love to experiment
  • Think differently from your peers
  • Enjoy working alone and with others
  • Believe everyone deserves respect and care
  • Believe being different is cool

Are you:

  • Focused and determined
  • The first one to try a new fashion
  • The first one to discover a new type of music
  • Constantly thinking and creating things
  • Bold and original
  • Open-minded and naturally curious
  • Active and engaged in life
  • Looking for like-minded people

If most of these statements describe you then Alpha II could be right for you!