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On February 21st, Bendale Junior had the pleasure of welcoming our TDSB Director of Education, Dr. John Malloy, along with our Superintendent, Shirley Chan, on a visit to our school.  He spent some time talking to students and asking them what they liked most about our school and about learning and then he had a chance to walk through some of our classrooms and see what the students were doing.  His first impression was that there was so much positive energy and engagement with the students and their learning.  Watch the video clip that he recorded at the end of his visit while he shared his thoughts on our school.

                   TDSB Director Visit to Bendale Jr - Video Clip


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What Happened - Sept. 2018 to Feb. 2019

Bendale Junior has participated in the Terry Fox School run for over 25 years.  This year the "Be Like Terry" Committee organized a fabulous kick off assembly, daily announcements, the school day run, and then a fun final assembly.  Terry Fox often said that it was the youth who would carry forth his efforts and work towards a world without cancer. By participating in this event every year, together we help share Terry’s example of courage, strength and hope.  Thanks to the collective efforts of the community, we met our goal and raised just over $1200 that is will be donated to the Terry Fox Foundation.    



Anything is possible

Thanks to staff that did some fun challenges throughout the fundraising campaign and at the final assembly.  We think Mrs. Monkhouse had the most fun!






Thank you to the Bendale community for helping support our Bag2School Fundraiser!  We were able to collect 1800lbs of used clothing and textiles which earned the school $163 in profit and a chance to win a water refill station for the school.  More importantly, we were able to help reduce waste that would be diverted to our landfills.  Well done ECO team for making announcements and helping to load everything into the truck and Ms.Beckett for helping to hold stuff in place while the driver closed the door!  Fingers crossed that we raised the most per student!


ECO Crew

eco loading

Sue & truck





Student voice is highly valued and encouraged at our school.  Often times students come up with their own initiatives for change or for social justice.  This month Mahishya and her crew of Earth Rangers decided to do their annual fundraising event to help raise month.  This year they decided to help support the monarch butterflies.  With so many ideas for fundraising, they finally decided on making and selling slime!  Can you believe they made 6 different colours of slime with a Halloween theme?  They made over 150 containers of slime on their own time and sold during 2 lunch hours.  In total they raised $300!  We are proud of your efforts in planning this event from start to finish.  And the homemade Earth Rangers t-shirts were a nice touch during your sales!

er crew