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What is the Forest of Reading?

The Forest of Reading is a nationwide reading program that promotes Canadian authors for readers of all ages. It provides readers with the opportunity to branch out and discover new authors, genres, and styles of writing they may not be familiar with. The program also provides teachers, teacher-librarians, support staff and parents with rich, Canadian texts to teach with.

Who is Involved?

Schools and public libraries all across Canada are all involved in the Forest of Reading program.
Visit the Toronto Public Library or the Ontario Library Association for even more information.

How the Forest of Reading
Program works:

Within each program, a variety of pre-selected texts are nominated for their category award. Readers are then encouraged to read as many of the nominated texts as possible, within their grade-appropriate program. Student readers are required to rate each book they read using a 5 star system.

  • Le Prix Peuplier (French)
  • Blue Spruce (kindergarten to grade 3)
  • Silver Birch (Grade 4 to Grade 6)
  • Red Maple (Grades 7 and 8)

In the spring an on-line voting system will become available for students who have read the required number of nominated texts in order to vote.

For further information, please check out the Forest of Reading Website.

Happy Reading!