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4 Fours Challenge

By grade 5 students, D.A, O.D, L.G, A.M, E.N and S.R

Our grade 5 class completed the 4 fours challenge, here is some info on our experience. 

The 4 fours challenge is a math challenge where you have to use 4 fours in a math equation.  Each equation has to equal one number from one to one hundred, eg. (4+4+4)x4=48.  Out of our teacher’s (Ms. Davis’) twenty-five years of experience, we are the first class of hers to complete the challenge.  Which is surprising, considering how long that is and how many classes she has taught. 

Our first equations of the challenge, numbers 1 - 4 

We interviewed our teacher, Ms Davis, about the challenge, and here are her thoughts on it.

Q: Do you have any tips for classes who may like to also do the 4 Fours Challenge as well?

 A: Make room for people who are not so competitive,maybe assign people numbers, and

explain how it works.

Q:Anything that we did differently to get to our success?

  A: Maybe having an expert give us tips, and most of the class was very into it which boosted our success.

Numbers 46, 47 and 48

We also interviewed a few students and what we gathered was that the class found odd numbers were a lot harder because 4 is an even number.  Some more info that we gathered is that when we asked some students what helped them, they said that using all the operations and numbers like 44 and 4 factorial were helpful.  

Overall, our class had an educational and exciting time during our math project, and we hope other classes will try the challenge and enjoy it too.

Rm. 205’s final equation!