A Great Success!

The Senior Building Goes Silent – Vow of Silence 2011

On November 30, 2011 Bowmore students once again allowed their voices to be heard around the world. Students in grade 5 through 8 participated in the Free the Children annual Vow of Silence. Bowmore students, after learning about the hardships faced by youth around the world, chose to use their silence as a mean to stand up for those who are not able to stand up on their own.

During the first period students who took the vow demonstrated their commitment to the issues by using their handprints to cover a SILENT poster that is currently displayed in the front hallway. Their handprints represented their commitment to making change for youth around the world. Students spent the rest of the morning learning about both the privileges most Canadian students have that are protected by the United Nations and the need for these rights to be expanded to all children internationally. At the start of lunch most student broke their silence and continued on with their regular routines. A few students carried on with their commitment and remained silent for the entire day.

Congratulations to all participating Bowmore students and staff. A special congratulations to the BFF group for putting together this worthwhile event.

Look for future Free the Children initiatives in the months to come. Visit the Free the Children website at www.freethechildren.org

Halloween for Hunger

Bowmore students were asked to think of cans instead of candy this Halloween season. Led by the BFF group, Bowmore students were able to collect 573 items for the Glen Rhodes Food Bank, a local organization that supports individuals and families in the Bowmore community.

This year saw an increase of over 200 items to our food drive. Spreading the word allowed Bowmore students to support community members in need. Students in the BFF group shared valuable food bank facts with the students on the morning announcements. Understanding the problem of hunger allowed students to connect to the need. This connection inspired change.

Way to go Bowmore!

Bowmore Hears the Call!