Music Updates

Shrek, The Musical
This year Bowmore’s Musical team has selected Shrek The Musical Jr. as our performance. We have been rehearsing Mondays and Fridays at lunch, and Wednesdays after school. Listen to announcements to hear any updates, and check the Google Calendar for the most current dates!

Many students ask about being part of the crew. At Bowmore, we require that all of our crew members become a part of the chorus to learn the parts, as we all sing, both adults and students: on stage, back stage, and in front of the stage. Crew members are chosen from our committed members of the chorus. Chorus practices will begin after casting is completed.

If there are any community members who have an interest in working with us to support the musical (sets, props, costumes, make up, etc) please contact Susan Brewster- or Paul Butters-

Bowmore’s Musical Team: Susan Brewster, Paul Butters, Donche Burke, Matthew Selby, Tom Watkins