Chine Drive Public School

Chine Drive Public School


Welcome to Chine Drive Public School.

We are a small community school where parents, students and staff have been working together since 1956. Our school is an exciting, nurturing and challenging place where students develop conceptual knowledge and skills, learn social skills and establish personal connections to their academic world. Our expectation is that each and every child develops into a lifelong learner.

The staff at Chine Drive is committed to excellence. Our vision is to create a school where each teacher and student set significant personal and academic goals and then reach beyond them!

Our parents are true partners in our students’ education. Our School Council is dedicated to providing our students with a multitude of experiences and programs that enhance their school life. Their support is paramount to the success of our school.

The "basic skills" of the 21st century are not only to be able to communicate and compute, but also to think and problem solve, work effectively in groups, use technological tools, and deal with rapid social change. Our commitment is to help each child learn these basic skills and build a strong character in the process so that he/she can meet with confidence and competence the complex changes of his/her future.

There are numerous ways you can participate in the instructional and social programs here at Chine Drive. You can volunteer your time, participate in parent council or just simply support school initiatives!  Whatever your level of involvement, we appreciate your support. 

You are encouraged to contact us at any time with your questions or concerns


L. De Medeiros