Your Learning
City Adult Learning Centre offers a variety of credit courses for adult students wishing to complete their Ontario Secondary School Diploma, prepare for post-secondary education, or gain job related training.

This is an excellent way to learn with other mature students who have the same goals and aspirations as yourself. Network with new friends as you prepare for a successful vocation after graduation.

Through assessment of prior education and current skills and discussion of career goals an educational plan is prepared which meets the individual student's needs.

Typically the decision to return to school is a difficult one for adult learners who face a variety of barriers. Each adult school has a supportive staff, flexible services and programs designed to help adult learners overcome these barriers and succeed.

For the 2022-2023 school year, those born in 2001 (or earlier) are eligible to enter the CALC adult day school program. For those born in 2002 or later, if you do not qualify as an adult student under this definition, and you do not fit the criteria for our  EdVance program (students between 18 and 20 years old, few credits, interrupted education), you are advised to seek assistance at your "home" school. If you cannot find a suitable alternative, please contact the TDSB Placement Centre at (416) 393-9300.


School Calendar and Daily Schedule
There are 4 quads (or terms) in the school year
Quad 1: September – November
Quad 2: November – February
Quad 3: February – April
Quad 4: April – June