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Clinton Classroom Contact Lists

Welcome to Parent Link.   What is Parent Link?

  • It is a classroom contact list which can help facilitate communications among students and parents.
  • These contact lists will be particularly helpful when students want to ask each other about homework, individual assignments or group projects.
  • It will also help parents contact other parents for play dates, birthday parties, or summer camp buddies.
  • The list can also be used to distribute information from the School Council, such as information about the Fall Fair and Seasonal Celebration.
Parents will only receive contact lists for the classrooms their children are in, so you won't get information for other classrooms within the school. Due to privacy laws, the school will not provide this information, so this information has to be collected by parents.

Here's how it will work:
  • Each classroom needs a parent class representative. Please contact one of the people listed below or check off the box on the form if you wish to be a parent class representative for your child's class.
  • You should fill out the attached form and your child should give it to his/her teacher.
  • The parent class rep will collect the filled-in contact forms from your child's teacher and create a contact list for your child's class and distribute the contact list to students and parents in your child's class.
  • The parent class rep will issue new contact lists when any changes occur. (You should let the class rep know if you get a new phone number, email address, etc.)
Contact information for you and your child will only be distributed if you give permission and if you provide your contact information by filling out the attached form and returning it to your child's teacher. Your contact information will not be included if you do not give your permission and fill out the form.

For more information on how Parent Link works, see the Guidelines

To download the form click here

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