Please note that the STEAM ROOM is not open for the 2020-2021 school year. 

Welcome to the STEAM Room

Cosburn Middle School is now powered by STEAM! Some big changes have been unfolding at Cosburn over this summer, and a new bilingual program in a renewed space is ready to be rolled out. Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics will come together as STEAM in a program that will address coding, robotics, 3D design, 3D printing, system analysis, inquiry and, most important, critical thinking.

Students will be working primarily in teams, as there is a team in STEAM, and will do so across subjects and across grades. Cooperation will be the focus, and success will be measured in terms of process more than product —as a product can always be improved, but improvement can only be achieved through growing awareness. Rooted in a growth mind set, the STEAM program will value deep understanding, participation, communication and cooperation.

Families play a key role in the unfolding of the STEAM program. To begin with, the STEAM Room door is always open, and parents and guardians are welcome to stop by at any time. Families are invited to bring their expertise to the STEAM Room, contributing to the learning and skill development. Families are equally invited to extend into the home the learning unfolding in the STEAM Room. Visiting a Maker Space at a local library with your student, building and tinkering together, discussing world events together, acquiring and programming a robot together: these are but a few ways to support our learners.

So, once again, welcome to the STEAM Room. Keep an eye on the school website for further STEAM Room updates, and get involved.