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 Book Talk : Deborah Ellis

Deborah Ellis Autographed for our Students 




Deborah Ellis

Renowned Canadian Children’s Author Visits David Lewis P.S!

By Mrs. McKeag

On February 11, 2009, the famous Canadian author, Deborah Ellis, visited the students grades 4 - 8 at David Lewis at the invitation of Ms. Kalanderopoulos, and we even invited some students from Terry Fox and Kennedy Public School. Ms. Ellis discussed many of her powerful children’s novels. The Grade 7/8s have been reading one of her novels, The Heaven Shop, which explores the issues of AIDS in Africa. The intermediates have made masks inspired by African heritage, and attended a play called Binti’s Journey, adapted from the novel The Heaven Shop.
We were all very excited to meet the author, who signed autographs at the end of her visit, in person. She was very expressive and emotional in her discussion about all the children she has met around the world who live in horrific conditions and circumstances. Some of the countries she has visited and some of the issues she discusses in her books are: war in Afghanistan, AIDS in Africa, and child labourers in Bolivia. She is a truly giving person, who donates many of the proceeds of her books to charities around the world. We were amazed at her strength and inspired by her social activism around the world.

One of her novels, Sacred Leaf, is nominated for the Silver Birch award this year, and many of our book club members have been excited to read this novel. I was proud of the junior students who asked Ms. Ellis some very intriguing questions about her novels.

Here are some comments from students in the school after hearing Deborah Ellis’ presentation:
“In Deborah Ellis’ presentation, I learned to be thankful for what we have.” (Solon)
“I learned that we are lucky to live here in Canada.” (Tom)
“We can do anything we want. We have the power to stop things, and anything is possible.” (Harry)
“I learned that you can help anyone if you want to. It shocked me that so many people are hurt and sad. It hurts me that it’s happening all over the world.” (Chloe)

“When I’m older, I want to be an author too.” (Kim)