Black History Day

Black History Day


What Segregation Means to Me
by Lily Y. (Gr.5)

Segregation means to separate people from the rest of the group for an unfair reason, like in the olden days when people discriminated against other people because they were coloured.

It makes you feel sad when people don’t want you in their group. It makes you feel lonely and it makes you feel that nobody likes you just because you’re different. It’s a bad thing, and nobody would like to be segregated, to be left out, to be excluded.

A lot of people segregate, and a lot of people have been left out just because they are different, and nobody likes to be left out. I know because I have been left out before. When I was excluded, it made me feel sad, and unimportant, and that my friends didn’t want to be my friends anymore. It hurts to be segregated. Maybe not on the outside, but on the inside. It makes you feel like a part of your heart is going to fall out. If people don’t like you because you are a different religion, or background, or anything, it puts a hole in your heart that is just waiting to be repaired.

If you segregate, think about how you would feel if it happened to you – it wouldn’t feel nice. It is hard to believe that people still practice being racists in the world. You may not like everybody you meet, but that’s no reason to segregate. I want to stop segregation once and for all!