Selina X. Gr.5 (Art displayed in City Hall)  Sally Z. Gr.6
 Daniel C. Gr.6  Shirley H. Gr.6
 Tiger D. Gr.6  Yi Ling W. Gr.6
 Jolie W. Gr.4  Andy Z. Gr.6

Ying Z. Gr.5 Susan W. Gr.6
 Tom D. Gr.5 Zoe Y. Gr.6
 Grace L. Gr.4  Trixie X. Gr.5
 Reba N. Celia T.

Jiamin W. Maggie Z.
 Yiming L. Jasmine B.
 Cassie L.  Emily Z.
 Eugenia Z.  Michelle K.

 Sandy H. Sherry X.
 Tony Q.  Ying S.
 Cindy T.  Claudia C.
  Sharon C.  Carmelia S.

 Frank L.

With the support of Mrs. Peach and the guidance of Ms. Fung, Mrs. McKell and Mrs. Kambo, 19 talented Gr.6,7 and 8 students were invited to participate in a three-day oil painting event. Students first learned about the background of the Impressionists. Then they made reproductions of the master pieces and picked up the skills during the hands-on sessions.These canvases are now displayed outside the school office. Since then, their art work has earned a lot of compliments from parents and visitors.