Folk Dance Jamboree  The Parade
 Folk Dance Jamboree  The March

Knitting Club
by Martin D.
Knit one… purl two…

that’s the way things go at the David Lewis Knitting club, whose knitters meet every Monday at 12:30 to practice their knitting skills and make nifty things as well. A knitted trivet is perfect to put hot pots on, and keeps the table from being damaged. Contrary to popular belief, this club isn’t only open to girls. We have boys in our club, and they are also excellent knitters.

  Volleyball Fun Club
Congratulations to the 80 students who enjoyed such a fabulous “Volleyball Fun Club” in the gym after school on Fridays, and thank you to the intermediates who were leaders. Under Mrs. Basil’s watchful eye everyone had a great time.

Badminton Club
By Alexander A.

A racket, a birdie, a net, and an opponent. These are the key elements in which sport you might ask? If you didn’t already guess, it’s badminton. The badminton team is a club that we students can join to learn about a sport that is not usually mentioned, but is growing in popularity. Usually it’s basketball, or soccer, or slo-pitch. The group of people in the Badminton Team devotes their time on Mondays and Thursdays from 3:35 to 4:15 to learn the sport, the skills to play the sport and for fun. Instead of going home being bored, we in the Badminton Club get a chance to do something fun after school and destress.

Badminton may not be the most talked about sport, but if you like tennis or squash then I guarantee you’ll enjoy this and you’ll be able to pick up the skills very quickly. The skills you need for badminton are as follows: being able to hit the birdie overhand, serving it underhand, being able to move backwards sideways and the most difficult, getting it over the net and keeping it in play. You shoud consider joining, too.